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Digital Voice Assistant

to handle & appoint inbound service calls for dealers improving CX while reducing cost
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Hiring Brooke as your Digital Voice Assistant means improved customer satisfaction by steering the most common conversations to a smart assistant who can answer frequently asked questions and schedule service appointments based on customer needs and dealership policies.
Your Best Scheduling Coordinator At Scale
No Customers Waiting on Hold
Real Human Natural Sounding Voice
Let the Customer Control the Conversation
Human-Level Understanding of Intent & Emotion
Human-Parity Accuracy Always Follows Policies
Unlimited Calls Available 24/7


The Rising Need For Conversational AI
In The Service Department

Regardless of whether calls are routed to the service drive or specialized agents, challenges remain with both. Staffing gaps and high call volume from customer follow-up calls and status checks are the most significant drivers of connectivity fail points for the BDC.

Did you know

of Service Calls go Unanswered, resulting in Missed Opportunities...

and Sadly...

of Failed Calls result in Customer Churn, as the customer goes elsewhere...

...and Only

of Connected Service Calls are Appointed.


of services calls are routine requests & non-technical “When can I come in?”
Hiring Brooke means absolutely no call goes unanswered! Boosting your customer satisfaction and reducing your overhead costs.


Brooke outperforms the common service advisor or BDC agent by providing what technology provides best - consistency. She works 24/7, never calls in sick, can handle any volume of calls, and always follows your service drive’s policies.

Identify Customers

Brooke welcomes new customers and recognizes returning ones.

Gather Customer Info

Collects customer and vehicle info, updates profiles, understands reason for servicing.

Provide Services & Pricing

Brooke will recommend related services to caller intent, as well as transportation needs according to dealership policies.

Schedule Appointments

Finds the best day & time that works while always following scheduling protocols.

Change/Cancel Appointments

Brooke can make appointment changes on the fly, updating your scheduling tool in real time.

Seamless Transfers

Recognizes when to transfer to a service advisor or an agent without missing a beat or customer having to repeat.

Can Do

How will a digital voice assistant really help your service in your drive? With Brooke you get:

Avg Scheduling Call Time Is 3 Mins

Brooke makes customer experience efficient and effortless, providing a consistent and dependable experience.

Decrease Operation Expense

Brooke provides quality and savings, reducing average handling time and providing the right experience the very first call at a fraction of the cost it would take a human.

Eliminate Agent Churn

Brooke handles any call volume 24/7/365. Unlike humans, she always shows up, and never gets bored, disengaged or burnout. No more turnover.

Free Up Service Advisors

Brooke frees up service advisors from handling the phones so they can focus on your customers in the drive providing a better CX and increasing $/RO.

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