Brooke Pricing Overview

Pricing with Brooke is simple. With two key pricing structures based on your dealership’s needs, we make it easy to get started. Take a look at this pricing overview to better understand how can work for you. Group volume discounts are also available, so be sure to inquire how can save you even more money.

There are two plans available for

1. First Responder:

Dealers recognize greater revenue increases by using as their primary responder in their call routing tree. This “up-front” use frees up team members by responding to all inbound service calls and FAQs. This means your agents are free to focus on revenue-generating efforts such as outbound call campaigns, and your service advisors are able to focus on customers in the lane.

2. Overflow & After-hours:

Don’t miss another call after-hours or during peak business times. can handle the overflow of calls that come in during the day, and consistently handle all calls when your dealership is closed. This affordable option even includes the tracking of minutes to allow for reliable reporting, delivering valuable information to help you make scheduling and staffing decisions.

Brooke also has two add-on features that will make life easier and drive even higher revenue.

1. Maintenance & Recall:

With the ability to identify open recalls and recommended maintenance to callers, Brooke enables your shop to turn a standard service call into a more loyal customer by fixing issues they didn’t even realize they had. This feature also frees up your agents from spending time looking up the information that Brooke already has on hand.

2. Virtual BDC Back-Up:

Allow our team of highly trained and experienced agents to answer your calls for you. This solution frees up your team even further, letting you focus on revenue and the customer in front of you.

Determine Brooke's ROI for

your dealership

Determine Brooke's ROI for your dealership

With Brooke you can save money while freeing up employees. Determine just how much you can improve your efficiency and savings using our simple ROI calculator.

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