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Pricing with Brooke is simple. With three key pricing structures based on your dealership’s needs, we make it easy to get started. Take a look at this pricing overview to better understand how can work for you. Group volume discounts are also available, so be sure to inquire about how can save you even more money.

There are three plans available for

1. Overflow & After-hours:

The Overflow and Afterhours package from is an ideal solution for dealerships looking to ensure they never miss a call, whether it's during peak hours or after closing. This affordable solution boosts your dealership's customer experience while giving your team the first swing at handling customer needs. This package, which includes 1,500 minutes per month and a transparent overage rate, can also be tailored for smaller dealerships does less than 1,000 Customer Pay and Warranty ROs per month. Let handle the influx of calls during your busiest hours and remain your steadfast service scheduling assistant when your dealership is closed.

2. First Responder:

The First Responder package by significantly boosts dealership revenue by serving as the primary responder in your call routing tree and offering unlimited minute volume. This strategic placement allows to efficiently handle all inbound service calls and FAQs, freeing your team to focus on direct customer interactions and revenue-generating activities. It's ideal for larger dealerships with high customer pay and warranty ROs, ensuring no call goes unanswered and every customer receives prompt, AI-powered assistance. This approach not only streamlines operations but also elevates the overall customer experience, eliminating wait times and enhancing satisfaction.

 Brooke Full Coverage Package

3. Brooke Full Coverage

The Full Coverage package from is the perfect choice for BDC-less dealerships looking to enhance their inbound service call management or BDCs highly-focused on revenue generating activities like retention campaigns. This all-inclusive package offers unlimited coverage and includes our two add-on options. When a call requires a human touch, seamlessly transitions to our Virtual BDC (VBDC), offering comprehensive and empathetic support. Also included to enrich customer interactions is the Maintenance and Recall add-on, enabling to inform customers about recommended vehicle maintenance and open recall details. Read more about these add-ons below. 

Brooke also has two add-on features that will make life easier and drive even higher revenue.

1. Maintenance & Recall:'s Maintenance and Recall feature is not just about upselling your customers; it's about proactively enhancing customer relationships. With her advanced capability to automatically identify open recalls and mileage-based maintenance needs, Brooke turns every standard service call into an opportunity to build deeper trust and loyalty. By alerting customers to issues they might not be aware of and offering to add these to the appointment, Brooke sets the stage for your advisors and technicians to ensure customer's vehicles are in top condition.

2. Virtual BDC Back-Up:

Even with's advanced understanding and handling of complex requests, there are moments when the human touch is indispensable. That's where our Virtual BDC Back-Up steps in. In scenarios where Brooke recognizes that a human interaction is needed, seamlessly transfers the call to our team of highly trained and experienced agents. This blend of AI efficiency and human expertise ensures every situation is resolved with the utmost care and professionalism. With this add-on, your team is further liberated to concentrate on in-person customer interactions and revenue-generating activities, confident that every call is in expert hands.

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