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Service call scheduling is a backbone to the financial well being of most auto dealers.

Without service, your customer has no reason to maintain a connection to your dealership until the next time they are ready to purchase a new automobile, often many years and an abundance of promotions and commercials later. Keeping that connection is a powerful way to ensure a lifelong relationship. This cannot be accomplished if the customer has a bad experience every time they need services performed. This makes their phone call a key moment that cannot be mishandled.

Even with the best of intentions, most dealers are unable to handle the sheer volume of calls coming in on a given day. That leaves callers feeling frustrated when they sit on hold or their call gets dropped during a transfer. Fortunately, with the launch of, Proactive Dealer Solutions has created a reliable and trusted solution that never leaves your customer with a bad experience.

automotive AI scheduling software
Brooke’s Scheduler & Garage tool, enhanced by
integration with CDK Drive dealer management
system, is the solution you’ve been looking for.
When your dealership works with us for service scheduling and shop management optimization, you can feel confident you are delivering the highest quality experience to your customers on all fronts. is the modern solution in automotive AI scheduling software, allowing auto dealers to ensure a consistent experience with every caller, every time. As a fully autonomous automotive scheduling software, Brooke provides human-like interaction with no dropped calls and no hold time. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, she is the consistent solution for your intelligent call routing and automotive AI scheduling software needs.

Reliable Automotive

Call Scheduling Software

There are many things to consider when switching to an AI solution for your scheduling needs. Brooke is a leader in automotive AI scheduling software because we are able to accurately and seamlessly answer calls and qualify them for proper routine to the right person. The customer never sits on hold, and Brooke operates 365 days a year with 24-hour coverage. This means no frustration for your callers, improving the interaction once they speak to a human.

Because Brooke is driven by artificial intelligence, the caller's experience is customized from the outset, allowing them to feel heard and have their needs met without the extra wasted time that older systems often include. As an intelligent call routing software designed specifically for the automotive industry, the experience exceeds caller expectations while ensuring the correct and necessary information is captured and conveyed to your employees and your system.

Because a large portion of your calls are intended for your service department, Brooke is the best service call scheduling software available when you consider the consistency and efficiency with which she operates in gathering caller information and routing the calls. Brooke will generally have the call connected before other systems even get the caller off hold. That’s service call software worth exploring!

Our Scheduler & Garage Call

Scheduling Software Features

Brooke’s Scheduler & Garage is an online service scheduling tool designed to streamline the management of fixed operations and improve customer service. Brooke offers many great features that will simplify your dealership and help you increase your ROI. Here are some of the most important ones;
automotive AI scheduling software

Scheduler Features

Streamlined Workflow
Customize appointment limits to maximize customer check-in experiences.
Capacity Scheduling
Set capacity by shop, team, service advisors, service type and transportation type.
Transportation Manager
Control transportation options offered across multiple shops, service type, and limitations for each.
Balanced Workload
Manage daily shop loading by hours, check-ins, and appointments.

Garage Features

Vehicle Manager
Control the vehicles you service.
Smart Scheduling
Shop loading based on service type/skill and supported vehicles serviced.
Op Code Intelligence
Appointments scheduled with the right op code every time.

Automotive AI Scheduling

Software You Can Count On

Service call software can feel like a large investment, but when you consider your human capital and the challenges of maintaining that workforce it starts to make more sense. Fortunately, we’re not leaving you to figure things out alone. Our team of support professionals will help you evaluate Brooke for your unique needs, establishing how to best deliver the solution you need within your budget. Get started by assessing real calls on our Brooke in action page then set up a free demo of our powerful automotive AI scheduling software for your team.

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