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Reliable Automotive AI Scheduling Software

Efficient service call scheduling is crucial to the financial health of auto dealerships

It's the lifeline that keeps customers connected to your business beyond the showroom floor. Regular service visits create an ongoing relationship, not just a transaction every few years when it's time for a new car. However, a customer's loyalty is only as strong as their last experience. A seamless service call is the first step in fostering a lasting bond.We understand that high call volumes can overwhelm even the most customer-focused dealers, leading to long hold times and dropped calls — all of which can drive your customers away. That's where steps in. Developed by Proactive Dealer Solutions, is designed to manage your call flow with precision, ensuring that every customer call is an opportunity to strengthen that crucial dealership-customer relationship. With, missed calls and customer frustration become a thing of the past.

automotive AI scheduling software

Brooke’s Scheduler & Garage are at the heartof her administrative expertise, offering youcomplete control over your service scheduling.

Using for service scheduling isn't just about filling time; it's about giving your customers 24/7 scheduling access and your management complete confidence in her ability to adhere to your dealership's unique operational blueprint. From managing service bay capacity to aligning with your service advisors' availability and everything in between, Brooke ensures every appointment fits within your business rules. is the most advanced solution in automotive AI scheduling software, allowing auto dealers to ensure a consistent experience with every caller, every time. As a fully autonomous automotive scheduling software, Brooke provides human-like interaction with no dropped calls and no hold time. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, she is the consistent solution for your intelligent call routing and automotive AI scheduling software needs.

Personalized Scheduling Software

Brooke isn't just about answering calls; it's about creating a connection from the moment the phone rings. With the ability to greet callers by name and recall their vehicle details, Brooke provides a personalized touch that feels both welcoming and efficient. Imagine the delight of a caller when they're recognized and their vehicle is remembered—it's like having a digital receptionist who knows your customers as well as you do.

This personalization extends beyond mere pleasantries. When Brooke greets a caller by name and acknowledges their vehicle history, it sets the stage for a tailored service experience. Your customers feel valued and the appointment is seamlessly scheduled with the key details your service advisors need for a seamless transition. Brooke's blend of warmth and technological precision means that every call is an opportunity to reinforce a strong customer relationship.

Our Scheduler & Garage Scheduling Software Features

Brooke’s Scheduler & Garage is an online service scheduling tool designed to streamline the management of fixed operations and improve customer service. Brooke offers many great features that will simplify your dealership and help you increase your ROI. Here are some of the most important ones;

automotive AI scheduling software

Scheduler Features

Streamlined Workflow

Customize appointment limits to maximize customer check-in experiences.

Capacity Scheduling

Set capacity by shop, team, service advisors, service type and transportation type.

Transportation Manager

Control transportation options offered across multiple shops, service type, and limitations for each.

Balanced Workload

Manage daily shop loading by hours, check-ins, and appointments.

Garage Features

Vehicle manager icon

Vehicle Manager

Create vehicle groups to quickly address parts shortages and op code information in bulk.

Smart Scheduling Icon

Smart Scheduling

Shop loading based on service type/skill and supported vehicles serviced.

Op Code Intelligence Icon

Op Code Intelligence

Appointments scheduled with the right op code every time.

Automotive AI Scheduling
Software You Can Count On

Service call software can feel like a large investment, but when you consider your human capital and the challenges of maintaining that workforce it starts to make more sense. Fortunately, we’re not leaving you to figure things out alone. Our team of support professionals will help you evaluate Brooke for your unique needs, establishing how to best deliver the solution you need within your budget. Get started by assessing real calls on our Brooke in action page then set up a free demo of our powerful automotive AI scheduling software for your team.

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