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Brooke.ai Helps Auto Dealers Capture Additional Service Revenue through Outbound Recall Call Campaigns

Brooke.ai Helps Auto Dealers Capture Additional Service Revenue through Outbound Recall Call Campaigns
April 3, 2023

Huntersville, NC – April 03, 2023 – Proactive Dealer Solutions today announced new outbound call capabilities for Brooke.ai, the intelligent conversational Digital Voice Assistant (DVA) for the retail automotive industry. Brooke.ai can now manage customer VINs with open recalls, making vital outbound service department calls and capturing additional service revenue without adding more staff. 

“One in five vehicles on the road has an open safety recall, putting drivers at risk,” stated Jason Beckett, president of Proactive Dealer Solutions. “Reaching out to customers and helping them make their vehicles safer is vital to building trust and ongoing relationships, but too often service specialists and BDC agents don’t have the time for outbound call campaigns. Expanding what Brooke.ai can do enables dealers to take care of customers and increase service revenue. All without the cost and headache of hiring more staff.”

Brooke.ai is integrated with a dealership’s DMS and online scheduling tool. This allows Brooke.ai to manage customer VINs that have open recalls by proactively reaching out to a dealer’s existing customer base, scheduling appointments, or leaving a pre-recorded message if voicemail is detected. All campaigns are determined by the dealership, so Brooke.ai will only offer services that a dealership is prepared to complete.

“The average recall RO is upwards of $560, so capturing this business is a great stream of revenue,” said Beckett. “Just as importantly, fixing a safety problem makes customers happy and a happy customer is a returning customer.”

Brooke.ai also keeps customers happy by adhering to all state and federal time restriction laws so customers will never receive early morning or late-night calls. An advanced administration portal also means outbound campaign management is 100 percent customizable to the capacity and needs of a dealership service department.

The outbound open recall enhancement is available as an add-on for existing customers of the Brooke.ai stand-alone solution, which is closely tied to Proactive Dealer Solutions’ popular CallerCX platform. CallerCX monitors, evaluates, and scores inbound sales and services calls using proprietary artificial intelligence technology to coach staff on how to better handle calls and to notify managers of mishandled opportunities. Brooke.ai complements CallerCX by alleviating service advisors and BDC agents from the demands of inbound service calls.

To schedule a time to see Brooke.ai, click here. To learn more visit https://www.proactivedealersolutions.com/ 


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