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Brooke.ai Wins Fixed Operations AWA Disruptor Award

Brooke.ai Wins Fixed Operations AWA Disruptor Award
March 10, 2022

Huntersville, NC March 21, 2022Proactive Dealer Solutions, a provider of effective lead management and conversion services for the auto and motorized vehicle dealership sector, today announced that its Brooke.ai service scheduling assistant is a winner of the 2022 AWA Disruptor Award in the category of Fixed Operations.

"This product by Proactive Dealer Solutions, a recognized name in outsourced BDC and call management, has really gotten our attention. Because, as I have shared it with dealers, they all admitted that even with their existing service BDC or outsourced sales processes calls are being missed and appointments not being scheduled. They would love to have a stop-gap measure. Whether you want Brooke.ai to handle all your service calls, or as an overflow to your BDC, one thing that you should understand is that you will get more booked appointments with higher customer satisfaction. At the recent automotive CXO summit, we had several dealers who were using the product, and all said this has been a win for their dealership," said Brian Pasch, author and industry leader in automotive marketing strategies, online dealer education, marketing analytics, and digital retailing. “Artificial intelligence is coming to the automotive industry in a very practical way. As labor costs rise and consumers expect to be served on the first call, this is a product that fits exactly into the dealer’s sales strategy as well as those dealers looking to be more operationally efficient and less frustrated with how calls are handled at the dealership,” Pasch added.

The AWAs were created in 2008 to recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing. Since then, the AWAs have become a benchmark in the automotive industry for recognizing innovative products in digital retailing, marketing automation, sales process, dealer websites, digital marketing, fixed operations, F&I, training, website merchandising, conversational commerce, business intelligence tools, video technology, OTT, and reputation management.

This year’s lineup of AWA winners included several exciting new products designed to create operational efficiencies for auto dealers, strengthen their brand, and grow their bottom line. In addition to creating new tools, the vendor community fully embraced the challenges and opportunities created by COVID and consumers’ rapid deviation from historical shopping habits. Likewise, companies showed their ability to quickly respond with dealer tools when faced with the anomaly of low/no inventory.

"We are proud to be recognized by Brian Pasch and his team for disrupting the service industry by building a breakthrough and first-to-market solution that ensures every inbound service call is answered and services are efficiently and properly scheduled. Brooke not only handles the problem of missed calls and appointments but also alleviates service advisors and BDC agents from the demands of inbound service calls. Now they can further improve profitability by focusing on revenue-producing outbound calls and face-to-face consumers," said Jason Beckett, MBA, COO of Proactive Dealer Solutions.

Staffing gaps and high call volume from consumer inbound service calls and follow-up status calls are the most significant drivers of consumer connectivity fail points. Adding Brooke as a Digital Voice Assistant means no call goes unanswered. Brooke also improves consumer satisfaction by steering the most common conversations to a smart assistant who can answer frequently asked questions and schedule service appointments based on consumer needs and dealership policies.

Brooke.ai’s powerful technology makes her highly intuitive, intelligent, and appropriate in her responses as a conversational Digital Voice Assistant (DVA), which resonates well with automotive consumers. The power of the DVA lies in her ability to answer 100 percent of inbound service calls, access the online scheduling tool, collect information on the service being requested, intelligently navigate the service department’s constraints to find the best appointment time slot for consumers, and confirm the appointment. Brooke.ai can also provide callers with basic dealership information, such as service hours. More complex or non-appointable calls are quickly transferred to the correct person at the dealership.

Based on findings from millions of calls monitored through Proactive Dealer Solutions’ proprietary CallerCX call intelligence and lead management platform, on average 30 percent of inbound phone calls to service departments never connect. They are abandoned, placed on hold, misrouted, or lost. That can result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Dealers can leverage the power of Brooke.ai to ensure every call connects and appointments are scheduled correctly.

Brooke.ai is available to consumers 24/7 and communicates in a conversational and natural way with contextual awareness and adaptive behavior, much like common DVA home devices. Brooke.ai also helps reduce issues with callers waiting on hold, a clear pain point for consumers. Xtime Schedule and Brooke.ai will work seamlessly together to create a modern service experience that exceeds consumer expectations while helping to create additional revenue opportunities for dealerships.


To learn more visit https://www.brooke.ai/



About Brian Pasch:

Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies and Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE), has been actively involved with automotive franchise dealers since 2005. Brian has authored nine bestselling books for the automotive industry: "Remote Retailing Blueprint," "Just Faster," "Automotive Marketing Playbook," "Who Sold It?," "Swimming with Digital Sharks," "Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing," "Selling Cars in a Digital Age," Unfair Advantage," and “Hyper-Local Marketing for Automotive Retail.” Brian is an active conference speaker, 20 Group presenter, and coach to both dealers and members of the vendor community. He has presented workshops at NADA, Digital Dealer, DCDW, Driving Sales Executive Summit, Kain Automotive Workshops, Innovative Dealer Summit, Automotive Engagement Conferences, Automotive Boot Camp, AutoCon, VinWorx, TrueCar Dealer Summits, and the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference. Brian is Google Analytics certified and PCG is a Google Premium Partner company.


About Proactive Dealer Solutions:

Proactive Dealer Solutions serves the automotive industry as a leading provider of proprietary software and training solutions that revolutionize the automotive customer experience. The company helps dealers connect and convert more leads, increase customer loyalty and revenue for both fixed and variable ops. Founded in 2001, Proactive Dealer Solutions quickly became known as the authority in the Business Development concept and is an industry disruptor in this space, establishing more than 4,000 BDCs across the US and Canada. Pioneers in BDC activity and performance tracking software, the company continues to evolve as the leading customer experience (CX) solutions provider in today’s competitive marketplace.

Proactive Dealer Solutions approaches partnerships with automotive dealers and OEMs through comprehensive, customizable training programs and a robust software suite that transforms the dealership's culture through people, process, and technology; believing that every dealer can be GREAT and deserves that opportunity.