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Dealers Boast of Brooke.ai Success at Fixed Ops Roundtable

Dealers Boast of Brooke.ai Success at Fixed Ops Roundtable
July 1, 2022

Dealers want to hear from other dealers if new technology elevates operations or isn’t worth the money. So, we were excited to be able to coordinate a discussion with Ted Ings and three dealership managers at a recent Fixed Ops Roundtable, which provides a collaboration of minds and innovative thinking in an ever-changing retail environment. The topic was Brooke.ai, the intelligent conversational Digital Voice Assistant (DVA).

At the roundtable were Todd Oliveria, Fixed Ops Manager for Hodges Ford Mazda in Florida, Jeff Pasenkoff, Service Manager at Staten Island Honda, and Alex Issacharoff, BDC Director at McKenna Cars in Southern California. They all graciously gave their time to discuss how they’ve seen incredible success by implementing Brooke.ai to answer inbound service calls.  

The panel assembled by Brooke.ai proved to be relevant, on point, timely and accurate. This panel made a significant impact on the retail fixed operations audience. 

Brooke.ai is the retail automotive industry’s first DVA to set, cancel, change appointments, and answer common questions, such as operating hours and price. The tool frees-up service managers and BDC agents to meet with belly-to-belly customers and make revenue-producing outbound calls. 

But don’t take it from me. Read on to learn how Brooke.ai increases CSI and gross revenue by handling 100% of inbound service calls. Some of the remarks have been edited for brevity and clarity. 

Why choose Brooke.ai to answer inbound service calls?

Oliveria: We couldn’t seem to increase the productivity of the BDC and the agents ability to generate revenue due to inbound call fluctuations. When I looked at Brooke.ai and its capabilities, it was interesting to see what it could do to reduce inbound calls to the BDC. 

Issacharoff: Our BDC handles nine dealerships and agents were so focused on answering inbound calls that they were unable to ask for business from recall customers, customers who left without servicing, etc. We weren’t moving the needle on number of appointments set and we were not as productive as we needed to be. Brooke.ai allows us to make tons of outbound attempts – between 40 to 60 a day per agent. Last month our agents set 1,200 outbound appointments which they never would have been able to do without a tool like Brooke.ai.

Pasenkoff: We lost our whole BDC during the pandemic when our mayor passed a law that businesses could not allow any unvaccinated workers at their workplace. We instantly got involved with Brooke.ai which I think is the greatest thing we ever did. We went into it only as a stepping stone until we could build a new BDC, but as we’re building it out we’re not going away from Brook.ai. It’s just an awesome tool.  

What results have you seen using Brooke.ai? 

Brooke.ai frees ups BDC agents to work on outbound campaigns

Oliveria: CSI has gone up at least two points and gross revenue increased by 30%. Overall morale in the BDC is up because agents can focus on outbound calls and hit their goals and earn incentives. It’s just tremendous. Brooke.ai really opened up my eyes to how new technology can help assist in overall operations.

Issacharoff: Our agents are focused on asking for business instead of on inbound calls. Now our agents are constantly calling for recalls, special order parts, etc. They set 1200 outbound appointments last month with a 78% show rate and we’re going to do it again this month. 

Pasenkoff: I saw instantly the difference with using Brooke.ai. By the second day, we were doing at least 25 more appointments per day. I think 80% of people don’t even realize it’s a digital call. They’re so happy to get someone to pick up the phone. It’s a win all around. 

How have your BDC employees reacted to Brooke.ai?

Issacharoff: Agents were apprehensive at first because they thought it was a way to decrease their compensation. I worked with them to show that the more outbound appointments they brought in the better compensated they would be. Now we talk about Brooke.ai as if she’s another member of our team. The agents went from feeling vulnerable and replaceable to loving what “she” has to offer because they get so much more done every day.

Oliveria: Our agents were also very hesitant at first. They thought we were replacing them.  We showed them how Brooke.ai freed them to produce more calls. The tool has increased morale and productivity immensely.

Pasenkoff: At first, I was hesitant, but once you see the process you know it works. 

How have your customers reacted to Brooke.ai?

Issacharoff: We’ll get repeat calls from customers who want to change something about their appointment and they’ll say: “I spoke with Brooke earlier.” They don’t know she’s a DVA; they expect to be transferred to her. It’s been very positive. 

Pasenkoff: I’ve had a few customers tell me they thought Brooke.ai was a live person and when we explained she’s a DVA they were amazed. 

If I’m a dealer or BDC Director thinking about implementing Brooke.ai, why should I do it? 

Customer enjoy Brooke.ai's human like voice

Pasenkoff: Brooke.ai is getting appointments for us. People don’t hang up. I’m embracing Brooke.ai and I think it’s an amazing tool. 

Issacharoff: If you’re a BDC Director you don’t need to know more than it’s plug-and-play, the support team is extremely helpful, and your BDC will be even more productive. “She” will make your BDC that much better.

Oliveria: Brooke.ai is the most cost-effective and revenue-producing tool I’ve seen in 30 years. It’s by far a valuable tool and asset for any dealership. It will create revenue, improve morale, and improve metrics across the board. 

Want to learn more about how Brooke.ai can help your service department? Visit www.brooke.ai today.

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Jason Beckett is the COO of Proactive Dealer Solutions, a leading provider of training and software solutions for the automotive industry. With a background in product development at Blackberry and infotainments systems and a Master of Business Administration, Jason joined Proactive Dealer Solutions in 2014, bringing his expertise in strategic planning, product development, and project management.