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Proactive Dealer Solutions & CBT News - Onsite at NADA 2022

Proactive Dealer Solutions & CBT News - Onsite at NADA 2022
March 29, 2022

Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT Automotive News stopped by the Proactive Dealer Solutions booth at the recent NADA 2022 convention and talked with Lawson Owen and Jason Beckett about and the impact that she has been making on the automotive industry. Listen in on the outstanding feedback we have been receiving from our customers and how is helping their dealership outperform the competition.

Discussion Topics:

  1. What is
  2. What makes different from other digital voice assistants
  3. What dealerships should think about when looking into DVAs
  4. How handles after-hours and overflow calls and helps the performance of the BDC
  5. The influence that is having on the industry

Listen to the Full Interview

"Hearing is Believing…"

Listen to Brooke-in-Action! Click the link below and listen to actual real-life Brooke calls and how easily and efficiently she handles customers' questions and creates a seamless customer experience. 

"These are the kind of things that we wanna bring to you at
CBT News, 'cause dealers are always asking, how are
we gonna win against some of the disruptors out there?
This is one of the ways to do that." - Jim Fitzpatrick

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