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Proactive Dealer Solutions Achieves RCI Certification for Brooke.ai and CallerCX

Proactive Dealer Solutions Achieves RCI Certification for Brooke.ai and CallerCX
April 11, 2022

Industry disruptor hits another milestone in its fast growth and development

Huntersville, NC – April 11 – 2022 – Proactive Dealer Solutions, a leading provider of proprietary software and training solutions for auto dealers that revolutionize the customer experience, today announced that its call tracking management product CallerCX and digital voice assistant Brooke.ai have both achieved Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) certification within the RCI program for Reynolds and Reynolds ERA® and ERA-IGNITE. Brooke.ai is the first intelligent Digital Voice Assistant (DVA) designed specifically for the auto industry to answer, handle, and appoint inbound service calls for dealers, improving the customer experience while reducing cost. Brooke.ai and CallerCX help dealers connect and convert more calls, the fastest way to see an immediate increase in sales and service at any dealership.

This certification ensures safe, secure, and reliable data transfer between CallerCX, Brooke.ai, and Reynolds and Reynolds ERA and ERA-IGNITE. Dealerships using ERA or ERA-IGNITE can now leverage the power of the Brooke.ai DVA to answer 100 percent of inbound service calls, offer up available and preferred appointment times, and schedule the appointment directly in the DMS.

Brooke.ai's proprietary shop management and scheduling capacity features are designed to streamline the management of fixed operations workflows and improve customer experience through a more balanced workload. With RCI integration, Brooke.ai can ensure the correct scheduling of service appointments without overloading service bays or leaving them empty at certain times. The RCI integration simplifies the scheduling process for dealers by enabling Brooke.ai to pull existing service appointments, contact information, and vehicle information from ERA and ERA-IGNITE. In addition to robust scheduling functionality that ensures the service department is correctly scheduled according to staffing and workload, Brooke.ai includes a vehicle manager to control vehicles serviced, shop loading based on service type and technician skills, and ensures appointments are scheduled with accurate operation codes.

Studies show an average of 30 percent of inbound service calls are lost, abandoned on hold, or misrouted. Brooke.ai ensures every call connects which could result in tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue every year. Brooke.ai also provides callers with basic dealership information, such as service hours and location details. She quickly transfers more complex or non-appointable calls to the correct person at the dealership, including roadside assistance, when necessary.

“We are excited to hit another milestone in our development. Our mission is to ensure that auto dealerships can answer and appoint every inbound service call while efficiently managing their service bays,” said Jason Beckett, Chief Operating Officer, Proactive Dealer Solutions. “With RCI integration and Brooke.ai, the thousands of dealerships that use ERA and ERA-IGNITE  can now improve the service experience and drive operational efficiency while alleviating service advisors and BDC agents from the demands of inbound service calls."

Brooke.ai is available to customers 24/7 and the DVA communicates conversationally and naturally with contextual awareness and adaptive behavior, much like common DVA home devices such as Alexa and Google Home. Brooke.ai will work seamlessly to create a modern service experience that meets customer expectations while creating additional revenue opportunities for dealerships.

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