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Proactive Dealer Solutions' Brooke.ai Becomes the Endorsed Digital Voice Assistant Technology for Volkswagen Dealers.

Proactive Dealer Solutions' Brooke.ai Becomes the Endorsed Digital Voice Assistant Technology for Volkswagen Dealers.
January 30, 2024


Proactive Dealer Solutions' Brooke.ai Becomes the Endorsed Digital Voice Assistant Technology for Volkswagen Dealers.

Huntersville, NC – 1/30/24 – Proactive Dealer Solutions, a leader in innovative automotive technology solutions for dealers, is proud to announce that its cutting-edge digital voice assistant technology, Brooke.ai, has been officially endorsed as the digital voice assistant for Volkswagen dealers. This endorsement marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry, showcasing Brooke.ai's exceptional capabilities and Proactive Dealer Solutions' commitment to technological excellence.

This endorsement by Volkswagen of America, Inc. recognizes Brooke.ai's advanced features, seamless integration, and the enhanced customer experience it offers. Brooke.ai has been rigorously tested and selected for its ability to meet the high standards of Volkswagen, ensuring a superior digital interaction for Volkswagen customers.

About Brooke.ai:

Brooke.ai, developed by Proactive Dealer Solutions, represents the forefront of digital voice assistant technology in the automotive sector. Its intuitive design, coupled with advanced conversational AI capabilities, enables it to provide unparalleled assistance and support to both dealers and customers, aligning perfectly with Volkswagen's innovative approach to customer service.

Highlighting the Contrast and Brooke.ai's Impact

Amidst the challenges in the automotive industry, as highlighted in the Cox Automotive report "Dealership Service Ticket Volume and Revenue Retreat in September, According to Xtime Metrics," participating Volkswagen dealerships using Brooke.ai have shown a contrasting trend of growth and resilience. These dealerships experienced a significant year-over-year increase in closed Repair Orders (RO), with a 7.94% increase in September 2023 compared to September 2022 and a 3.37% growth in October 2023 compared to October 2022. This positive trend starkly contrasts with the general market downturn and underscores the effectiveness of Brooke.ai in driving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

"We're excited to announce our collaboration with Volkswagen, introducing the innovative capabilities of Brooke.ai to their dealership network," expressed Pat Reininger, CEO of Proactive Dealer Solutions. "Brooke.ai is an ideal match for Volkswagen dealerships aiming to provide a seamless, top-notch customer experience, all while optimizing operational efficiency."
"Brooke.ai has had a positive impact on our service operations at Strong Volkswagen.” adds Walker Strong, General Manager, at Strong Volkswagen. “In a market that has seen a decline in ROs closed compared to previous years, we have experienced growth in overall service revenue and dollars per RO month-over-month. Brooke.ai increased our appointments drastically and helped my team work with the customers in store compared to the time spent on phone interactions."

This partnership not only signifies a major step forward for Proactive Dealer Solutions but also sets a new benchmark in the automotive industry. It paves the way for further advancements in digital technology, enhancing the overall customer experience, and driving the future of automotive digital interaction.

About Proactive Dealer Solutions

Proactive Dealer Solutions has been a trailblazer in automotive technology solutions, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a focus on enhancing dealership operations and customer experience, Proactive Dealer Solutions has established itself as a key player in the automotive industry, delivering state-of-the-art technology and services.

About Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Volkswagen of America, Inc., a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, is one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers. Known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Volkswagen of America continues to set industry standards with its diverse lineup of vehicles and forward-thinking automotive technologies.